Why The Best Guys Wear Pants Out Of Fashion

Why The Best Guys Wear Pants Out Of Fashion

I was sitting in Watsons Bay in Sydney the other night in a nice outdoor restaurant bar at sunset host to a stylish young crowd while discussing the life you know, dos and donts and boys and all that, with my good friend T, when we reached the conclusion that all the best guys wear pants that are at least 3 years out of fashion. And here’s why!

It all started by us identifying how different our taste in men is. I tend to go for stylish guys and I made a point about how important it was to me that a guy had some kind of style. What style it may be doesn’t really interest me, he could be sporty, posh or a skater as long as one can see that he put some kind of thought into what he is wearing.

T immediately argued the contrary! ‘No!’ she said ‘those are the worst kind of guys!’. She went on to elaborate that these guys are not ok to date because it means they are vein and she decidedly does not want to date a vein guy – ever – because she is convinced that a vein guy is looking for a shy little pretty girl to stand by his side. The vein guy, she argued, looks for that kind of B type perosnality girl so he himself can feel more manly. He looks for a girl with moderate ambition, who’s cooperative and won’t speak up too much – maybe she’s even a little squeamish – so he can take on the role of the protector more easily.

The kind of man we want however (considering ourelves rather A type personalities) is the one that cares about everything but fashion. He’s the one who dreads to go shopping and will only go once it’s reaaallyy┬ánecessary since his old jeans are full of wholes and are practically falling apart. This type of man, she said, is a real man. Someone who is not threatened by a strong type A personality female. Somebody who is sure of himself and doesn’t need fashion or a girlfriend to reassure him of his manlyhood.

So ladies, if you consider yourself having a strong personality and you always find yourself attracted to the same type of stylish groomed male, maybe let your eye wander a little further to the one at the bar right beside him – the one who’s jeans are out of fashion! ­čśë

Now I’m curious what you guys think! Do you think our thesis is at all valid? Do you tend to go for stylish guys or do you prefer the more easy going ones whose clothes are out of fashion? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments section below!

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