Where To Eat In Milan

Where To Eat In Milan

In a city with an overwhelmingly large number of restaurants, it can be hard to choose where to eat.

My followers often ask me if I have recommendations for them concerning Milan. So I thought I would start by confronting the topic of food. Here are six restaurants that I love and I think you will too!

1. LùBar

Cuisine: Fusion
Location: Via Palestro 16, Porta Venezia
Price: $$$$

This beautiful light filled winter garden is the perfect spot for brunch in small groups. They actually currently don’t take reservations for parties bigger than five in order to guarantee the best possible service for all tables.
The food is delicious and the location simply stunning! Due to great dishes, impeccable interior design and a more than strategic location (next to a public park, inside a historical Milanese building and in front of an art gallery) I would crown LùBar the ultimate Sunday brunch location in Milan at the moment.
I have also heard a lot about their ‘aperitivo’ (the Italian version of pre-dinner cocktails and snacks) but I must admit I haven’t been yet.

Favourite Dish: Avocado Toast
Come for: brunch

2. Dabass

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Via Piacenza 13, Porta Romana
Price: $$

Dabass opened it’s doors to the public in July 2017 so for Milan it is fairly new. It’s quite small, cozy and informal – yet very stylish. Located on a corner shaped like the flat iron building in New York visitors can peek outside through the large windows while enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail at the bar.
The restaurant does not have a fixed food menu. Instead they cook with the seasons. But you can expect hearty Italian cuisine such as risotto, and pasta dishes, ossobuco and tiramisu. They also make great cocktails – no menu needed as they have a very skilled bartender!

Favourite Dish: plate of the day
Come for: pre dinner drinks & dinner

For more pictures of Dabass, check out this post.

3. Pizzeria Nazionale

Cuisine: Pizza
Location: Via Palermo 11, Brera
Price: $$

Light hearted interior design, good prices, delicious pizza and easy cocktails (you can choose between vodka, rum or cachaca base) are this pizzeria’s success recipe.
The choice between more doughy Napoletan style pizza and a flatter more crispy pizza with the choice of a variety of toppings that work with both styles should leave every pizza lover very satisfied.
The restaurant opened it’s doors in September 2017, features an open kitchen, plants hanging from the ceiling and an overall bright atmosphere graced with impeccable service.

Favourite Dish: Pizza Nazionale
Go for: lunch / brunch

4. The Botanical Club Tortona

Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Location: Via Tortona 33, Tortona
Price: $$$

I have always been a fan of the Botanical Club but I must say that for me the second location they opened in Via Tortona beats the original one in Isola. The space is bigger and more open in comparison to the other location and I just love the long marble bar lined with plants and empty bottles overhead.
Specialized in gin cocktails, they should have any kind of gin your heart might desire. They even brew their own! Last time I went, I had a gin & tonic with the South African ‘Elefant’ gin, which was simply mouthwatering.
As far as food is concerned, this location offers a lot of Japanese inspired raw fish dishes. There are poke bowls such as the salmon bowl with rice and mango as well as a selection of International dishes such as avocado toast and tacos di carnitas.

Favorite Dish: Edamame (sounds simple but it’s on fire) & the ceviche starter
Go for: drinks & dinner dates

5. Drogherie Milanesi

Cuisine: Italian
Location: Carobbio & Brera
Price: $$$

An all time favorite and probably one of the restaurants I go to most frequently in Milan because it’s just so easy. The atmosphere is light, the crowd tends to be young and lively.
Being the success story that it is, Drogherie Milanesi currently has two locations open in Milan. One in Brera and one in the Carobbio area close to Colonne. Both of them are extremely similar and offer the same menu.
We usually like to share a few of the bite sized starters and then everyone goes for their own dish. Fish and meat tartares, hamburgers and their marvelous carbonara pasta are among the most popular in my group of friends.

Favorite Dish: Pasta Carbonara
Go for: dinner with friends (good for bigger groups)

6. Temakhino

Cuisine: Brazilian Sushi
Location: Brera, Navigli & Magenta (in the order that they opened)
Price: $$$

The original Brazilian Sushi place in Milan. The equation that goes delicious cocktails plus fast food equals success, has definitely worked for Temakhino. The opening of their their third location in Milan last year (2017) marks the popularity of this lively franchise. And why change a good thing? Over the years I have been to Temakhino many times and I would still be happy to go back. Their sushi is creative, saucy and delicious and their fruity caipirinhas are a guarantee for a good time.

Favourite Dish: Salmao Mexicao Roll & Tartara De Salmao Gostoso
Go for: dinner

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