Trend: The Coin Necklace

Trend: The Coin Necklace

Is it me or is the Roman coin necklace the strongest trend we have seen in fashion jewellery since the face themed bijoux trend? I’m not sure how many times the Celine face earring has been copied by now but I have seen the concept in jewellery everywhere!

I believe the Roman coin necklace will develop into a similar trend! I have started seeing these coin necklaces popping up all over social media. And personally I just love them! Apart from the fact that they enrich any given outfit I also like that there is this romantic air of history around them. In a way the coin necklace trend even reminds me a little bit of Damien Hirst’s show ‘Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable’. Or maybe the show is part of the reason for the existence of this trend?

How To Wear The Coin Necklace

I don’t know about you but my favourite way to wear these necklaces is in combination with others. One on it’s own is just never enough! I love the way several coin necklaces look together!

Here are some inspirational images about how to wear the coin necklace!

Some amazing pictures of Lucy Williams wearing her own collection of coin necklaces she created in collaboration with Missoma!
Myself sporting the coin necklace trend!


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