Sydney: Some Artful Polaroids

Sydney: Some Artful Polaroids

When I lived in New York and studied economics, I developed a very strong passion for photography.

I never used to go anywhere without my HOLGA doing colorful double exposures of our crazy nights out. In general I consider myself a creator and a collector so documenting the world around me has always very much been in my nature. This is one of the many reasons  why I love Instagram by the way.

I appreciated the authenticity of the HOLGA camera and the fact that I actually had to go and develop the film. Each time I actually received the developed fotos of a roll of film the results were a huge surprise.

So it wasn’t long until I acquired a Fuji Instax Polaroid camera and carried it around town with me. Even though it’s a modern camera it’s still huge, bulky and heavy. So bringing it on trips, nights out – or anywhere else for that matter – really is a huge commitment. But the satisfaction of using it is definitely worth it every time. I tend to describe it as ‘instant gratification’. In the digitalized world we live in there is something so satisfying about seeing something beautiful, wanting to capture it, pushing a button and then holding a little piece of art in your hands just seconds after!

When I moved to Italy and began studying fashion design I let my photography passions be for a little while. It was almost like I needed a creative outlet as a business student and chose photography as my medium. So when I began studying fashion design I didn’t need that extra outlet anymore and was happy to fuel all my creativity into my fashion studies.

Luckily recently I have started to dedicate myself to taking polaroids again. So I took it upon me to bring the bulky, heavy polaroid cam to Sydney with me and here are some of the results!







I was just about to take a photo of just the view myself, when suddenly I found a better subject. Blue Mountains.


Blue Mountains National Park. Me. Waterfall.


Blue Mountains.


Blue Mountains National Park. Waterfall.


How beautiful is this labrador! He was diving for stones (yes stones, I’m talking like a ROCK!) in the north end of Bondi Beach with his proud owner throwing this huge rock out for him repeatedly!


Real Waves. Me. Bondi Beach.