Straw Bags In Asti

Straw Bags In Asti

Straw bags have become somewhat of a recent obsession of mine. They were a major trend this summer as we have seen them all over magazines as well as many of our favorite Instagram feeds.  So it was about time for me to share a look where I am wearing one!

Where to Buy A Straw Bag

  • Travel to Bali

For a long time I wondered where all these amazing straw bags I see allover the place are coming from! And finally I understood: they are from Bali! Or at least a majority of them is. The bag you see me wearing in most of the fotos was a gift to a friend of mine that she received from her boss who had travelled to Bali this summer. And having seen this bag I suddenly understood the typology of straw bag that they make there. So to get your hands on one of these little beauties, your best bet is to plan your next trip to Indonesia or to just google ‘Bali Straw Bag’. Hehe

  • Shop Online

Apart from the ‘Bali Straw Bags’, of course there is a huge array of other cute straw bags that might be a little easier to get your hands on. I believe the most famous one is the one from Cult Gaia, which you can now buy on Net-A Porter. For a little more than 100 Euros I think the price is not bad, even though I assume the Bali one would be a lot cheaper especially if you manage to buy one locally. Another brand I like is Sensi Studio. I picked out one of my favourites for you as well, which you can buy on Matches Fashion.

  • Shop Vintage

It seems an obvious one but I think there is a lot of great straw to be found at your local vintage market. Think grandma’s rattan shopping bags. Style it up with a modern twist and you might have something great at a very low cost.

How to Style A Straw Bag

It’s a given that any cute straw bag is the ultimate summer accessory. But I must say that I absolutely plan on wearing them well into fall as well. I saw a friend of mine wear hers with a pair of long blue jeans, a brown belt and a little dark blue cotton scarf which she had tied onto the strap of the bag. Add a pair of cute boots and a striped T-Shirt to that and your straw bag is the perfect accessory for fall too.

Why to Go Straw

I’m not sure if this is a given but part of what I love about these straw and rattan bags is that they are made from natural materials! No toxic colorants used in their making, many of them are handmade and absolutely gorgeous. So if you are still in doubt about weather a straw bag is the right accessory for you maybe I can convince you by saying that their ecological footprint is much lower than the one of many of their fashionable colourful leather companions.

About The Look

Glasses: Kaleos
Cuff with Green Detail: from a vintage fair near Milan
Silver Hoop with Roman Numbers: from Tiffany&Co’s ATLAS collection, this is the newer version of it
Pearl Bracelet: a childhood bracelet from my friend Natasha that she wanted to throw out and I decided to keep
Earrings: on the street from Sydney, Australia and Brighton, UK
Necklace: a gift from my grandmother who passed aways, I also added a plain gold ring onto the chain
Rings: one is from a random shop in Manly and the one I’m wearing on my pinky finger is from Bea Bongiasca Jewelry

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