Get Your Ramen On!

Get Your Ramen On!

Personally I have an obsession with ramen. My addiction started with Momofuku Ramen in New York where I went religiously on hungover Sundays. There is just nothing like a hot noodle soup with meat and egg in it to recover from a hangover!

It took me a while to find a good substitute for my Momofuku Ramen cravings here in Milan. But after six years in town I’m happy to say that I finally know where to get my fix!

Here are my favourite ramen restaurants in Milan organised in order of preference!

1. Casa Ramen

Cuisine: Ramen (duh!)
Location: Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 25, Isola, Milano
Price: $$

This is the first ramen place I ever went to in Milan that I actually felt could live up to Momofuku and it also remains my absolute favourite one in the city. The restaurant is tiny and they don’t take reservations so there is usually quite a wait involved with eating here. But the wait is totally worth it!
Their ramen is divine and I also absolutely love the little pork bun starter! (sorry vegans!)

Favourite Dish: Ramen and pork buns!
Come for: lunch / dinner

2. Casa Ramen Super

Cuisine: Asian Fusion
Location: Via Ugo Bassi, 26, Isola, Milano
Price: $$

Since Casa Ramen is very – and I mean very – popular, when we arrived too late to get a table there the other day, the owner suggested we go to a new location he opened around the corner: Casa Ramen Super. It’s slightly bigger than it’s predecessor and the interior design is bright and feels kind of nordic. I want to say HAY style.
The ramen here is slightly different from the one at Casa Ramen but I must say that I have found it equally satisfying. They also have a great selection of starters. We only ordered one which was delicious but me and my friend both said that we wanted to come back to just order all of the different starters since we saw other people having them and they just looked and smelled fabulous!

Favourite Dish: the dumpling starter
Come for: lunch / dinner


3. Misoya

Cuisine: Ramen
Location: Via Solferino, 41, Brera, Milano
Price: $$

This ramen place is my most recent discovery! It was recommended to me by a friend after talking about my ramen obsession so I had to give it a try!
I must admit however that I liked it but didn’t love it. If you are in the area and are looking for a quick lunch it will definitely do the trick. But it feels a little bit too much like a fast food place to me. The odd cheese starter they bring to everyone for free also put me off a bit.
They gained points with the tofu starter and their broth which is definitely the most flavourful I have ever tried!

Favourite Dish: Tofu Starter
Come for: lunch / dinner


4. Zazà Ramen

Cuisine: Ramen
Location: Via Solferino, 48, Brera, Milano
Price: $$$

Just a few meters down the street from Misoya you can find Zazà Ramen. I have eaten here a few times and I must say that it is good but it is not my favourite. I still list it here because I know some people do like it. Personally I just prefer the very salty kind of piggy ramen with egg and meat and all that. The ramen at Zazà Ramen is a different style. I want to say that it’s a kind of a healthier version which feels a little lighter. So if you consider yourself the healthy or vegetarian type you might want to give this one a shot!

Favourite Dish: Mochi ice-cream desert
Come for: lunch

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