Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

As already mentioned in a previous post, when it comes to dressing I am being a bit adventurous these days. I mean that in the sense that I started exploring more feminine options such as flower prints, dresses as well as the colour pink!

The whole thing started because I was given a pink flower print dress from French Connection through one of my collaborations. I never expected it but I absolutely loved that dress! It really opened my eyes to the fact that pink is a beautiful fun colour to wear and that dresses are feminine and light and not uncomfortable at all.

So I immediately went and bought me some pink stuff! The most recent example is this slightly transparent blouse from Mango. I got it on sale so I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to find this exact one in the store. But pink was an important colour in their last collection so I’m sure you will find similar items.

Surprise, surprise I also had the perfect fluffy Paula Cademartori handbag sitting in my wardrobe waiting to be worn with it!

The jacket I am wearing is new too! This one on the other hand was a more practical choice. I needed short jackets that I could wear on the bike on my way to work since all my long coats keep getting dirty!

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