What To Do in Paia

Traveling to Maui, you will probably pass by or plan to visit Paia sooner or later. It is a historic little town, packed with cute shops and eateries to discover. Keep on reading to find out about my favourite things to do in Paia!

Paia Bay Coffee

In a nutshell: an amazing coffee shop;

If you are looking for a great cup of coffee, a place to take a break or to meet some locals, Paia Bay Coffee is the way to go! Hidden in the backyard of one of the shops of the town it’s easy to miss unless you are looking for it.

The coffee here is strong, so pick your favourite roast and find a nice place to sit in the plant filled open space. Remember this is a backyard so you will sit outside even though some parts of the place are covered. Once I was there while it was raining buckets, watching thick drops of tropical rain fall onto the leaves all around. It was very peaceful.

This is a great place to come for a chat or if you need to get some work done. I also found it gave me great insight into the local community. Somehow somebody always chatted me up! And beware there are some very interesting characters around! You will be amazed at what some of these people will tell you about! From crystal healing, to desert photography and local music festivals, you will be informed if you spend enough time in this coffee house!

Pia Bowls

In a nutshell: acai bowls & smoothies shack;

If you are keen for your daily dose of acai, you will find it at Paia Bowls! A wooden hut with a few seating options outside, this little snack shack serves up delicious fresh acai bowls and smoothies.

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Paia Bay

In a nutshell: a beautiful sandy beach;

Other than cute shops and restaurants, Paia actually also has a very nice beach. It’s a cute little cove with white sand. I came here several times even if it was just to have an hour break or to eat my lunch.

If there are waves, this is also a nice surf spot. I like it because of the sandy bottom. Very safe! Unfortunately when I surfed here it was very windy so I was struggling a little bit. But maybe you’ll have better luck!

This beach is also very good for body boarders due yo the near shore surf-break.

Mana Foods

In a nutshell: the most epic health food supermarket – ever;

Mana Foods is the place to be if you are looking for delicious healthy treats! They have an amazing selection of organic, fresh produce, vegan products and an amazing fresh food counter! Everything made by them is delicious! I love the salad bar where you can pick and choose from different things.

Come here to grab some delicious vegan wraps from the fresh food counter and bring them to be beach for a cheap lunch with a view!

Flatbread Company

In a nutshell: vegan-friendly flatbread restaurant;

A homy restaurant serving up delicious flatbread pizza and cocktails of your choice. The decor is mostly all wooden and you can see the oven where they make the flatbreads when you come in.

Great spot for cozy dinner and drinks with friends or family. The crowd here is very mixed!


I was quite surprised by all the cute boutiques in this town! If you are looking for a gift or a cute new swimsuit you will probably find it here! It’s nice to stroll around, because the town is not actually very crowded and doesn’t feel overly touristy.

One of the shops I particularly enjoyed is called Puka Puka. It is a high end boutique managed by one of the descendants of the founders of Surfer Magazine. Hence in addition to the clothes, there are some cool surfing and lifestyle related products in the shop! Unfortunately no pictures were allowed inside, so you will have to go discover yourselves!

Another shop that I thought was really special is called Wings Hawaii. I discovered a lovely jewellery selection, beautiful t-shirts and super cute gift cards here. If you are looking for swimwear you might get lucky at Nuage Bleu. This boutique carries a lot of brands including my favourite Hawaiian swimwear brand Acacia. Their prints are to die for and the fit of the bikinis is just right!

Surf Board Hire

Paia town is one of the first places I came to look for a surf board. There are actually three surf shops in town but neither one of them was selling a longboard at the time. There were many shortboards though and if you need a used board you can come here to look for it!

If you are looking for any surf related equipment you can also be sure to find it in Paia. The close proximity to the famous surfing beach Ho’Okipa, makes it a popular spot for surfers to stop by.

They will also hook you up with a local surf teacher if you need someone to take you out in unknown waters.


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