The Most Authentic Eateries in Milan

The Most Authentic Eateries in Milan

If you are coming to Milan and are looking for the ultimate Italian dinner experience, this article is for you. Keep on reading to learn about the three most authentic Italian restaurants in Milan.

For those of you who are living in Milan, these are restaurants you can take your international visitors to if you want to provide them with the ultimate Italian dinner experience.

1. La Libera

Cuisine: Milanese
Location: Via Palermo 11, Brera
Price: $$$$

Located in the heart of Brera, to me this place is the ultimate Milanese experience. It is an easy, friendly, no fuzz kind of restaurant with a charismatic owner. You will recognize him when you come in. He has an impeccably kept, silver handlebar mustache and is usually wearing a checked shirt with suspenders and probably a corduroy jacket – he’s very classy.
I love this restaurant because even though tourists do come, it remains a favourite for locals. There are Italian families, friends, maybe a groups of elderly Italian ladies enjoying an early dinner party. All very chic! And then around 10pm the younger generation tends to start coming in. Maybe a few friends from the neighborhood who came for a bite to start their night out. In addition to the great Milanese atmosphere you get impeccable service and delicious classic Italian food.

Favourite Dish: Timballo di Melanzane & Fiori di Zucca Farciti
Go for: dinner

2. La Osteria dei Binari

Cuisine: Milanese
Location: Via Tortona 2, Navigli Area
Price: $$$

An all time favorite, La Osteria dei Binari is one of the places I usually like to go to with visiting family members and friends.
The place is quite big but manages to remain cozy inside. There are baroque picture frames on the walls and big brown leather seats greet you at the entrance. All in all it feels very woodsy and cozy.
During the summer they open up their terrace and you can enjoy your dinner outside surrounded by ranks of ivy.

Favourite Dish: Ossobucco
Go for: dinner

3. Il Faro

Cuisine: Fish focused Mediterranean
Location: Via Marco D’Oggiono 6, Ticinese Area
Price: $$$

Faro in Italian means ‘lighthouse’. As the name suggests, this place serves up fresh Italian fish dishes. If you are looking for incredibly fresh fish prepared the Italian way and don’t want to spend millions, this is your place! Not a very touristic spot frequented by many locals, you will find quality food, atmosphere and fair price at il Faro. Don’t be scared to try the raw fish dishes here. All the starters are excellent!

Favourite Dish: ask for the raw fish starters
Go for: dinner

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