The Grandma Print Coat

The Grandma Print Coat

Recently I have developed a thing for the vintage looking ‘grandma print’! I would like to be able to stop attributing fashion trends I observe to Gucci but I don’t think I can in this case.

Acknowledging that the grandma print is a trend, I obviously started thinking about where it came from. There is no way I can deny that Gucci with their overly vintage like collections played a big part in the birth of this particular trend.

However the way they work with print really is not for me. It’s just too much somehow. I understand layering millions of different patterns and prints is their thing but I really feel a little suffocated sometimes looking at their collections.

Instead I much prefer the clean and classy hand of Bally these days. Their SS18 collection also has a vintage feel to it but with a sporty and clean undertone. The coat I am wearing in this post is one of my favourite pieces from that collection!

3 Tips For Wearing The Grandma Print
  1. Try to combine the printed item with a cool and laid back look. Jeans are always an easy choice to dress down an outfit. The line between ‘cool’ and actually looking like your grandma can sometimes be very thin!
  2. Go Gucci and combine different prints! The rule of thumb here is that it’s easiest to stick to just two prints. If you have difficulty matching the prints, try to pick one geometric print and one flower print.
  3. Pick a contrasting bold accessory! In this case I went with a turquoise handbag so it really pops out from the print of the coat. Whatever colour print and accessory you pick, your print should not be ‘eating’ your accessories.


A close up of the grandma print


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