DIY Fake Marble Table Top for Your Instagram Still Lifes

DIY Fake Marble Table Top for Your Instagram Still Lifes

Taking a lot of still life’s for my instagram feed, I always consider what the perfect underground might be to display the items I want to photograph. Often I look for light table tops and marble floors as I like to keep my instagram very bright overall. In addition I love floors or table tops made out of precious stone such as marble since they add a particular luxury feel to any photograph.

What does a girl in need do? Get creative! Since it’s expensive to buy a white marble table and my cash flow is somewhat limited at the moment, I decided to create my very own fake marble table top to use as background for my instagram still lifes. And here is how I did it!

What You Need

  • Scissors
  • A towel
  • Adhesive foil with marble graphic (or any other graphic you might prefer for that matter) Any well equipped arts and crafts shop should have this. I bought it in a very random shop here in Milan that also sells lamps…
  • A large peace of carton to stick the adhesive foil on


Step 1

The process of applying the adhesive foil onto your cardboard is extra simple. It’s kind of like sticking on the protective cover onto the screen of your iphone. Just cut a piece of the foil large enough to cover your cardboard and carefully glue it on to the cardboard.

To evade creases, it’s important you start glueing the adhesive foil onto the cardboard from one side to the other. Bit by bit you use the towel to push the adhesive foil a little further. If you do it calmly and with patience it should work perfectly. Just keep on pulling the excess paper from the adhesive foil out with your left hand (as shown in the graphic below) and use your right hand to glue the adhesive foil onto the cardboard using a towel. The towel just makes it easier because it eliminates the risk of a sticky hand getting stuck somehow and potentially creating an accidental crease.


Step 2

Once you have finished glueing the adhesive foil onto the cardboard you are basically done. I had to fold a little piece of excess adhesive marble foil to the back of the cardboard. But for the final foots this prop will be used for that really doesn’t matter.


Step 3

Voila! Your fake marble table top is ready to go! Use it for any kind of still life you want. Just make sure you’ve got great light to take your foto (I usually do it under windows for natural light) and you are good to go!

Of course this prop has a size limitation. It’s much easier to pretend it’s a table top than to pretend it’s a floor. But if you wanna take a still life of your desk with a cup of coffee laptop and some accessories or show off some jewelry, it’s absolutely perfect!


Examples From My Instagram


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  1. April 26, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    Haha genius, love the creativity and spirt Cat! And cool you share your little secret 😉