Dior Couture In Wonderland

Dior Couture In Wonderland

There is no word that could describe Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior Couture debut better than magical. Because no matter how you look at it, that’s what it was in every sense of the word starting with the awe-inspiring gowns and finishing with an afterparty at Musee Rodin that catapulted visitors into another dimension.

The most obvious (but not) reason the show was a triumph were the clothes. The dreamy long dresses made out of various layers of transparent tulle, chiffon and silk were absolutely breathtaking and gave the sense of a fashion fairytale. There was a certain lightness about them. Even the darker outfits were not too heavy and very flowy often styled with transparent chiffon masks shaped like birds, butterflies, insects or even a bat. It had an air of Alice in Wonderland mixed with hints from all our favorite childhood fairytales princesses.

In addition, personally I felt that this collection was very very Dior. Whenever a new creative director joins a house, it usually takes a little time to get used the hand of the new designer. But seeing Maria Grazia Chiuri’s creations float down the runway instantaneously felt right. There were numerous Dior-isms such as an almost perfectly transparent long tulle dress in different pastel colors with a skirt made out of several layers of ‘petals’ that strongly recalled Christian Dior’s FW 1949–50 Junon dress as well as some looks that reminded of Dior’s iconic ‘New Look’ from his SS 1947 collection.

This mix of Maria Grazia’s personal style and taste combined with classic Dior shapes was a success in itself for me. While Dior and the brand he created was present everywhere, she managed to incorporate just enough of her own vision for the brand as well showing some of her signature astrology graphics we have seen a lot of in her collections for Valentino as well.

Moving on from the clothes, I would like to speak about the set up of the show. Visitors literally walked into an enchanted forest! There were details hanging from trees such as little light bulbs, crystals and ribbons, which were manifold and divine along with moss on the ground and mirrors on the ceiling, which decidedly added to the ‘Alice in Wonderland-effect’. Definitely magical, I would say!


A praise also goes to the music selected for the show. My attention didn’t stray away from the different looks for one second. The light sounds perfectly accompanied the dresses and added to the fairytale mood of the show completely drawing viewers in.

Last but not least a quick word about the afterparty. There was a garden walk leading up to the ball lined with unicorns and their guardians (yes I am talking horses dressed as unicorns) to greet guests and there was a fake full moon (!) – all of this in the gardens of the Musee Rodin in Paris. I think it doesn’t get much more magical than this.

All in all, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s entire collection for the historical house of Dior including details like feathered head gear, the enchanted forest set up and the masked ball after party were a true Dior Fairytale.

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