The Handbag Edit: Five Bags To Buy Now!

The Handbag Edit: Five Bags To Buy Now!

As a handbag designer I think a lot about bags. And I mean a lot. Because of that, I finally decided to share some of my so called ‘industry insider knowledge’ with you guys by talking about five bags that I think you need to buy right now!

The bags I’m about to name all fall into a certain category of handbag. They are not the obvious choice. I like to think of them as the ‘informed shopper’s choice’. Anyone can go out and buy a bag of a well-known brand such as Gucci or Dior. Because it’s easy (if you have the money that is of course)! But these babies are a bit more researched.

In my humble opinion these are bags that industry insiders such as people who work in fashion or maybe the art world would buy.

The reasons for that are:
  1. Sleek, minimalistic and often geometric design of the bags
  2. Accessible price point of the bags (all under 800 Euros)
  3. Luxury quality

Inspired by their predecessor the Mansur Graviel bucket bag, to me this is the next generation of it bags catering to a young fashionable client’s needs!

Wandler Bag
1. Hortensia Bag from WANDLER

Price: €800

I love the geometric and simple design of this bag, which comes in an array of beautiful colours. The Amsterdam based designer, Elza Wandler, actually attributes a lot of the early success of her brand to the well researched colours she chooses for her bags.

She develops the colours directly with her producers in Italy and as she puts it likes “an ‘intelligent’ colour, so not a flat blue or purple, but a hint of blue or purple that is mixed into a grey for example”.

Yuzefi Bag

2. Asher bag from YUZEFI

Price: €405

Founded by the London based designer Naza Yousefi in 2016 this young brand has been all over instagram as of late.

The bags have a fresh design and a cool aesthetic – love the uncontroversial construction technique!

Staud Bag
3. Moreau macramé and leather bucket bag from STAUD

Price: €350

Founded in downtown Los Angeles in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, the label STAUD has come a long way.

Known for ‘no nonsense’ minimalistic designs at an accessible price point, to me their latest hit is this funky bucket bag!

Danse Lente
4. Phoebe bag from DANSE LENTE

Price: €445

Danse Lente is a London based label founded by South Korean born Youngwon Kim. She attended Central Saint Martins doing shoes and eyewear design until she decided to found her own handbag brand.

The name of the label means ‘slow dance’ in French and is a perfect fit for her playful yet effortless designs.

I am a big fan of Danse Lente due to the unexpected metal hardware design of the Phoebe bag as well as Kim’s beautiful colour combos!

Simon Miller Bag

5. Bucket bag from SIMON MILLER

Price: €595 (biggest size)

The LA based Simon Miller brand actually started out in 2008 as a men’s denim brand. Finally, in 2014 the creative duo consisting out of Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford went on to develop it into a full on lifestyle brand including women’s RTW and accessories.

They definitely landed a winner with their minimalistic bucket bag that comes in an array of different materials, colours and handles!

– – –

As a designer I can tell that a lot of the minimalistic design elements of these bags are not only aesthetic choices. They are probably also driven by the intention of keeping the production costs at a certain level.

The modern day design challenge is always to create a beautiful object that will not be too expensive to produce. In my eyes, the designers cited above have all mastered this challenge perfectly!

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