An Air Of Cool

An Air Of Cool

I must say that on the day I shot this look I wasn’t even planning to take pictures. I just dressed to go to work and tried to look a little cool because I had some event in the evening.

Going about my day and taking selfies (as I do) I realised that I really loved this look. After all the flower prints and girly stuff I had been wearing lately it felt very nice to wear something more cool that felt a bit more ‘adult’ in a way. So I quickly asked my colleague Elisa Cunazza to do a few quick snaps of me! She was a trooper because it was actually raining that day!

Here is why I love this outfit:
  1. The white boots – my colleagues know it because I was raving about it since before I bought them. But I believe white ankle boots are one of the hippest items you can have in your wardrobe these days! And now that I have them I realise how cool they really are! You stick them onto any old outfit and they will turn it into a hyper fashion outfit! Love them!
  2. The long coat – long coats always add an extra air of coolness to a look and the check pattern couldn’t be hipper at the moment. The coat I’m wearing is actually from last year so you won’t be able to find it in stores anymore. But I will tag similars!
  3. The coin necklaces – guys coin necklaces are a trend! I have been wearing this cheap coin necklace from Mango every day since I got it and I continue to get comments about it all the time! I am working on a post about this trend with lots of shopping links for you guys! Loooove coin necklaces!
  4. The bag – this Bally bag just hit the stores a few days ago! I have been lucky to receive it a bit earlier and I must say that I am just obsessed it! It’s that understated elegance and slightly unexpected design that make me appreciate it so much!

PS: my jeans are from Pull&Bear! I always buy the exact same model in different colours! This black pair is a bit washed out but I still love them! Linked them here for you guys!


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