Wearable Ocean Plastic

Wearable Ocean Plastic

Something very close to my heart today… And I am not sure why I didn’t write about this before because I have known about it for a while and maybe you have too but it’s so amazing that they deserved a blog post!

Adidas just launched the very first sneaker almost completely made out of recycled ocean plastic. And when I say ‘almost completely’ I mean that the ‘upper’ part of the shoe is 95% recycled ocean plastic collected near the Maledives and the rest of the shoe is mostly made out of recycled materials as well. BOOM!

They are my heroes! I swear last summer I was researching volunteer programs in the Maledives to plant corals or collect ocean plastic! There is just so much of it! I love that like Tesla in the automotive industry, Adidas is setting a new standard  for the entire fashion industry. In order to stay competitive, everyone else will eventually have to follow! Touché Adidas!

The shoes are called ‘Ultra Boost Uncaged Parley’ since they were made in collaboration with this amazing organization called Parley, which tries to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborates on projects that can end their destruction. Definitely check them out!

And here comes the best part: these shoes are gorgeous! I love the colors and the design the designers chose for this project. The shoes really feel like the ocean – to me they are a work of art.









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Source: Business Insider Uk