6 Tips For A Perfect Spa Day

6 Tips For A Perfect Spa Day

Last weekend me and my roommate decided to take a time out as well as some photos at the spa here in Milan! So along with the pics we took at QC Terme di Milano, here are six tips for having the perfect day at the spa!

1. Arrive early to the Spa!

The QC Terme di Milano get extremely crowded on the weekend so it’s really worth it to wake up that one hour earlier. The spa opens at 8.30am so I would advise for you to get there at that time if you can or around 9am if you prefer. To me the hours from 9 to 12am were the best ones of the day. Everything is much emptier and very peaceful.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking a lot of water is essential! After a full day at the spa doing different saunas and whirlpools you might feel your skin pulling into all kinds of different directions. The only thing you can do is drink as much water as you can! Sauna makes you sweat so your body looses a lot of water and leaves you dehydrated. Drink up!

3. Stay clear of the wine!

Subsequently it’s advisable to keep your hands off the alcohol! At QC Terme they offer you wine with their brunch and they also have a very popular ‘aperitivo’ hour (drinks from 7-9pm) during the week. Drinking will dehydrate your body even more. So having alcohol while in the spa is about the unhealthiest thing you can do to your body!

4. Get Naked

If you can. In most of Germany it’s actually forbidden to wear a bathing suit in the sauna. The synthetic fibres of your bathing suit combined with all that heat are just no blessing for anyone’s skin.

So if the situation permits it just wear a little towel around your waist that you can lie on once in the sauna. If external circumstances don’t allow for this, try to wear something made out of cotton that will allow your skin to breathe!

5. Take Cold Showers

To me this is a given. However, I realise to many people it’s not. I grew up in Germany with a sauna in the house and because of this cold showers have always been part of the spa experience for me.

They increase your blood flow and hence will keep your skin younger for longer (so my mother says). Cold showers are also said to help the body recover from muscle damage and soreness more quickly. And last but not least I think they just feel great!

6. Take breaks!

After each sauna or steam bath you should take a 15 – 20min break. It’s not healthy for the body to stay inside these extremely hot environments for too long. Bring a good book and read a bit during your sauna trips. Then go again. You should stay inside the sauna or steam bath for about 10-20mins depending on the temperature. The hotter the sauna, the shorter your stay inside can be.

If you feel like it’s too hot for you. Leave. The sauna is not a competition!

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